Treasure Tomb

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Game Info
Theme: Ancient Egyptian PiratesFree Spins Feature:yes
Slot Type: Video SlotBonus Rounds Feature:yes
RTP:94.80Reels 5
Progressive:NoPaylines: 25

Do you think that you are daring enough to search a tomb for hidden treasures? With a minimum bet of €0.1 or a maximum bet of €100, you can start playing Treasure Tomb slot online. If you pick your path carefully, you could win the maximum payout of €10,000.

If you are feeling bold, then prepare to cross a treasure bomb floor that is booby trapped to earn riches. You can do this easily if you sign up to play Treasure Tomb slots.

When the game starts, the right hand section of the screen will display the odds of winning constantly in color values. Hovering over each slab at the top will give you the possible returns from this game.

While playing, you should avoid the spider’s bite, falling rocks, the poison dart sting and the fatal ray from the mummies gaze. You should aim to find a way to reach the emerald eye idol while being careful to leave a return path.

You are allowed to collect wins at any time, except in cases where you feel bold enough to pinch the jewels and return. The bottom left corner of the game screen will display your existing winnings and pressing collect will allow you to start again. A 10% bonus will be awarded if you get to the idol.

How to Play Treasure Tomb Slots

Use the left or right arrow keys to choose your stake and then press play to get started. You will get the Treasure Tomb that will present you with six colored tiles. The choice will be yours, but every tile has odds set against successful moves. The higher risks give greater odds and higher returns.

You will have multiple options after the initial move to go on to another tile or collect your wins. The bonus award will be given when you negotiate the hazards of the Treasure Tomb successfully.

A random number generator will determine whether not the outcome of a move will be successful. The odds of a successful outcome will depend on the odds shown for that tile. Higher odds will give lower chances of a successful result.