Board Games

Board Games themed slots may not initially sound like the most common of video slots – but when you think about it (and as we’ll show in the section below), they’re actually one of the most popular forms of slots.

Types of Board Games Themed Slots

Arguably the most popular range of board games themed slots, are the Monopoly games, produced and created by Barcrest – and their most popular title is titled Monopoly: The Big Event. Another popular board game-based slot is Cluedo – and while it didn’t attract quite as much popularity as the Monopoly range, it’s still a popular title worth checking out.

Where To Play Board Games Slots?

Board Games themed slots aren’t available everywhere – so you’ll want to be sure to check out our recommended casinos to play at table, which can be found below.

Why Are Board Games So Popular?

Board Games themed slots’ popularity can largely be attributed to the fact that players can get somewhat nostalgic when playing them. For example, the Monopoly range of games are incredibly popular, because – well, let’s face it; who hasn’t enjoyed a good old game of Monopoly with their family!