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Scary Money Scratch Game

If you love horror themed slot machine games you're going to love this version of a traditional scratch card.

Yggdrasil is perhaps best known for its scratch card developments and while Scary Money may have feature one of the world's biggest scratch card jackpots it does showcase some considerable prizes especially for a digital scratch card.

Overall purchasing these cards is relatively inexpensive and you can get the same fund of scratching off prize amounts in this game as you would at a physical store.

The theme:

The theme of Scary Money is very similar to that of the scream horror movies. You can mash together some of the faces as well as haunted house symbols, jack-o'-lanterns and more. The overall theme of these scratch cards is relatively spooky and every card has an equal chance to win.

Players can win everything in this game from free tickets to smaller prize amounts as well as a large jackpot of up to €5000.

Play area:

The play area on Scary Money is made up of 8 different prize spaces. If a player is able to match together three of the same prize amounts on the board they can take home that prize. Cards are available for just half a euro each and this could turn into an insane payoff especially if you were to win the big jackpot.

Not too many other digital casino games can offer the same amount of return from such a small bet. You can scratch off the prize amounts or by multiple tickets and have the digital casino of your choice scratch off the prize amounts with the reveal button.

This is a great way to play over a long session and take home big money.

If you love scratch cards and horror films, Scary Money scratch is just the type of online gambling experience for you.