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Sabbatical Scratch Game

Almost any working professional feels as though they could take a year off at times. While this may seem like an unobtainable goal for many people, with the help of this scratch card you could definitely make it a reality. A free year off for a very minimal bet could be within your grasp with the Sabbatical Scratch.

This Yggdrasil developed scratch card game players can match together various numbers and lucky symbols across a 15 chance scratch card.

Players begin by revealing their winning numbers on top of the card and then scratching the 15 play area to win amazing prizes. Sabbatical Scratch boasts a win every third round and these wins can range from small prize amounts all the way to a free card for the next round.

The extra winnings and the guarantees available on this scratch card game will definitely encourage long play sessions.

The big jackpot:

Sabbatical Scratch features a mega win jackpot of over €50,000. This means that this digital scratch game could certainly put a year off vacation well within the reach of the average person.

There are many different prizes to be won along the way beyond the main jackpot but the smaller jackpots can only help you with extending your play session for the most part.

The coolest part about playing for this jackpot through this slot game is the relatively low cost buy in.

Not only do you have a chance to win €50,000 but players can buy their chance for as little as one euro per scratch card. This is considerably cheaper than what you might pay at your local lotto retailer and with the ability to reveal all of the numbers across the scratch card it becomes very easy to play many different scratch cards at once.

If you have ever thought about taking a year off and you want the money to do it, check out sabbatical scratch now!