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Precious Anuran Scratch Game

Precious Anuran is a Video Keno game they can take you deep into a jungle adventure.

Mashing together various numbers on the board just as you would in regular Keno can help you win big with this online game. Anuran is the main elements of this Keno game and this symbol is responsible for shooting out different fireballs across the numbers on the board.

The goal is to select the right numbers that Anuran will actually randomly pick on each turn and this leads to a very exciting game type.

If some of the fireballs happen to hit the magical fireplace in the center you can win more fireballs and huge multipliers that help the game to extend your winnings and playtime.

Practise makes perfect:

You can play Precious anuran for free to see some of the numbers that come up most often as well as to increase your odds of actually winning when you play for real funds.

Instead of having to risk your money in the future you can learn the game and the basic mechanics of the game by practicing in the free mode. The sound scape and the beauty of the game is something that will really captivate you and keep you interested in playing further.

You get to pick the pace that you play at and you can pick up the 12 numbers on any particular place through with a bet as high as 50 coins per round.

Striking it rich and actually picking the right numbers can be a very lucrative experience and you can see payouts of as much as 50x your bet.

Remember that Anuran can often pick several numbers over the course of the round as well as potentially activate the bonfire bonus to give you even grander winnings!