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Medusa Eyes of Fire Scratch Game

Medusa Eyes of Fire stands as three different games in one. There are many different page tables available on this game and it's possible to pick 4, 8 or 12 possible numbers across the 80 number card offering.

Through the animation, graphics and the ambient soundtrack there are plenty of insane visuals to be seen.

If you know the legends of Medusa you know that her gaze can paralyze someone in turn them completely into stone. In this case however if Medusa focuses her gaze on your numbers she is only going to make your wallet full!

The coolest keno animations:

The animations in this game are absolutely astounding and the soundtrack really brings you in. Not only can you play this game on a mobile device but it is absolutely enthralling if you play it on a PC or Macintosh computer.

The soundtrack and ambient sound effects are absolutely beautiful no matter what system you play on.

The real feature of this game however is when you hit the centre spot. As the game continues to release extra balls each of the numbers you selected has a chance of extra winnings as well as extra numbers drawn for the round. Although this bonus happens only a few times a play-through, it is legendary when it occurs.

As well as an awesome soundtrack and considerable payouts, this keno game even has an autoplay feature.

With this feature you can simply pick out your favourite numbers and use the adjustable settings to play through several lines at once for maximum benefits on your play through.

By setting a number of different plays on the board you can have Medusa activate five or even 10 times in a row without you having to reselect your numbers and this can really help you to maximise your winnings.