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Lotto 7 Live Draw Scratch Game

Who says you need to play the traditional lottery from a typical retailer to see big jackpots?

Lotto 7 Live Draw is a brand-new digital lottery system that takes place all on your computer or on a mobile device.

Rather than having to wait to play the lottery every week an alternative from Yggdrasil is finally here.

This fully digital lottery has a Live Draw regularly throughout the day. This means that you can get a classic lottery experience without ever having to wait on an extensive jackpot or sit through commercials in order to check your numbers.

The regular broadcast of the Lotto Seven Live Draw takes place through the casino and at least once per day. Once every 24 hours you can tune in to see the digital Live Draw on your computer or on your mobile device. No more waiting!

What makes this lottery special?

While we often believe in a weekly lottery because it can showcase a large-scale jackpot for us once every seven days, this lottery offers respectable prizes every single day. There's no need to wait to buy a ticket either.

You can set up your account to automatically enter you into the draw and then tune into the Live Draw each day to check your numbers. You can have set numbers or regularly generated numbers every day. This lottery has all of the same elements that you might find in a typical lottery as well.

The live broadcast:

The Lotto 7 Live Draw really is an experience. Two beautiful attendants perform the Live Draw every day and pick numbers in the same way that your local lottery retailer does.

You can buy several tickets per day and have your tickets displayed in front of you during the Live Draw. If a player is able to uncover at least 5 numbers on the lottery they can usually get a very large prize.

If a joker is uncovered in the game you can at least win a free ticket as well. This offers considerably better odds than you might find from your local lottery as well as the excitement of a live Lotto draw every day.