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Lotto 7 Express Scratch Game

Lotto 7 express takes the magic of lottery and speed up the entire process. Instead of having to wait every week to uncover the lottery winners you could potentially be playing the lottery in an ongoing way.

Lotto 7 express is very different from the Lotto seven live platform that Yggdrasil originally created but the game has certainly added some extra features that many lottery lovers certainly enjoy.

How the game works:

Lotto 7 express is a very different game from a traditional lottery and the most important difference in this experience between old-fashioned lottery is that the whole of Lotto 7 express is controlled digitally by software.

In this computer software you can work to pick out some of your top numbers and then wait for the next draw.

You can play multiple tickets and even create randomly generated card entries for your lottery draw just like most five lotteries.

For as little as £0.50 per wager you can have multiple cards on the go for jackpots that are available 2-3 times a day. You just need to keep an eye on when the next jackpot may be so that you can be sure to activate your cards.

Automatic play:

If you love playing Lotto seven express regularly you might want to consider signing up for the subscription program.

If you regularly play the same numbers on Lotto 7 express you can quite easily subscribe to play so that the game will enter your tickets whenever there is a new draw. You can unsubscribe at any time as well as prepay for several game draws.

The jackpot sizes in Lotto seven express can climb to 10 of thousands of euros making this an excellent way to win big perhaps even multiple times a day.

Try out lotto 7 express if you love the lottery but you hate all the waiting.