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A Cool Million scratch - Free Play

A Cool Million may sound too good to be true but it really is a scratch card that offers you a chance at winning €1 million.

A Cool Million could be life-changing money for most people and this scratch card gives you a real tangible way to have a chance at this much money.

While the average scratch card at your local lottery retailer may come nowhere near this kind of winning Yggdrasil makes it very easy to buy a ticket as well as scratch off many different tickets in a play session.

How to win a cool million euro from this scratch game:

Winning A Cool Million on this scratch card may be easier than you think. The first thing you need to do is purchase a ticket in either a single ticket format or as a stack of five. The goal will be to scratch off the top numbers and then reveal the 15 numbers below.

There are four different winning numbers were you can access winnings that range between €20 all the way up to the €1 million prize. There are also specialty symbols that you can use for free tickets as well as multiplying your winnings across all of the numbers that you reveal.

Of course if you don't want to scratch off all of the prize boxes on the game board you can also click to reveal all button to speed up your play session.

By revealing all of the symbols across the board game will quickly match up your prize amounts so that you can get paid faster and get on the fast track to winning A Cool Million.

62 ways to win:

Yggdrasil gaming suggests that there are about 62 different ways to win on this game and this offers considerable odds especially for the five euro buy-in. Although this is a more expensive scratch card then some players might be used to it can pay off big!