Immortal Romance Bingo and Slot game available now on Slots4play

We are still celebrating the latest addition to our ever-growing arsenal here at Slots4play. The release of Immortal Romance Bingo has really taken the industry by storm. This new take on the bingo experience transfers all the greatness we are familiar in the popular slot game to the bingo platform.

Players can enjoy all that a 90 ball bingo game offers with some added extra features based on each of the characters from the hit slot game. Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah all have their very own bonus feature which offers additional opportunities for players to daub up and call “bingo”. Here is a breakdown of what’s in store and check out our current offer on Immortal Romance bingo game.

Playing the Game

To play you must purchase a minimum of 1 strip per game, which consists of 6 tickets at 10p each. The good news is that all tickets purchased will go towards funding the “Jackpot Wheel” within the “Chamber of Wins”. This feature is an added extra, available for the first time through Immortal Romance Bingo. It offers players a chance to spin and claim 1 of 4 additional prizes. These range from mini, minor, major and mega jackpots. To gain access to the “Chamber of Wins” and be in with a chance to win one of these prizes you must fill 20 notches on your “Power Bar” through playing the Immortal Romance Bingo game.

The Scatter Ball

This is Amber’s bonus feature. An extra ball is called during the standard ball sequence which will award every player in the game up to 2 free daubs on their strips. The numbers daubed are completely random but will not double up on numbers that are already marked.

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Vampire Bats

Troy’s feature offers a specific number that is assigned per strip at the start of each bingo round. If this number is called then Troy’s Vampire Bats are unleashed and three random numbers are daubed per strip.

Wild Desire

For Michael’s feature, a special number is called at the start of the round. If called, a column containing this number becomes wild for the next 5 balls that are called. This may be the most valuable bonus feature as it increases a player’s chance of calling “bingo” for longer.

Wild Vine

This is Sarah’s bonus feature. Before the start of the round a special number is revealed, if this is called up to 4 numbers are randomly daubed per strip. Each player can be sure to receive at least 1 number daubed as it does not duplicate numbers already marked.

All of these bonus features have unique explosive animations when activated. This adds to the excitement and also the user experience.

The Jackpot Wheel

In addition to the features mentioned above there is another number which may be called in the lead up to the bingo round. This number represents a “Medallion”. Players must collect 20 of these to fill their “Power Bar”. Once this has been completed they have a chance to enter the “Chamber of Wins” and spin the “Jackpot Wheel” to win from 4 fixed prizes.