11 Fascinating Online Slots Myths

Read on for Myths about Slots. Our experts debunk the most common myths and set the record straight on what is true or false in the world of slots.

Slot Myths Explained

Slots have been around for ages, and gamblers have developed a few mistaken beliefs about these games. Myths and misconceptions are merely formed by gamblers who are not able to recognise that these games are based on random chance and luck.

1. Slot games have hot and cold streaks.

Slot games are developed with random number generator software, ensuring the outcome of each spin is completely random. This enabled fairness to each player and eliminated the option of gamblers attempting to cheat a game.

Sometimes it may seem as if a game is quieter than usual or even more active with payouts. This is purely coincidental, as all slot games are created to make each spin random and different.

2. Slots that have recently paid a jackpot will not pay another soon

Although it may seem that jackpots cannot land in succession, it is possible, but it is based on luck. Jackpot wins are random, and the chances of winning are not relevant to previous spins.

The odds of hitting multiple jackpots on the same game may feel out of reach. However, any win or jackpot, regardless of previous payouts, is not related to future wins.

3. Payouts are paid out in cycles.

It is possible for games to payout in what seems to cycle, but only at random. Gamblers cannot predict how a game is about to payout by what a game has spun previously. Winning sequences and combinations are triggered randomly.

4. VIPs and High rollers are more likely to win progressive jackpots

Not only is it illegal for casinos, but they simply cannot decide who will win the jackpots and when.

The progressive jackpots can be won by anyone. The only limited truth to this misconception is that certain slot games require a risky bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Some games do require higher bets for a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. With that, casinos do not dictate which players win and lose.

5. Auto Play pays less than manual spin.

The way any slot game is handled and operated does not influence the flow of payouts. An auto-play feature is simply available to players seeking to sit back and relax while the reel spins automatically without the inconvenience of pressing a spin button frequently. Enabling the automatic play ensures quicker gameplay.



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6. Understanding paytables isn’t important.

Paytables are designed to give players a clear understanding of a game, thus making it an important factor for players to study the paytables before hitting the spin button. This information grid is usually straightforward and illustrated. It tells the player all they need to know about the game. Players can then strategise their gameplay accordingly. Paytables are helpful for identifying key symbols and features and any betting requirements to enable special bonus games.

7. All slots have the same payouts.

All casino slot games have a unique Return to Player (RTP) rate; therefore, all games do not have the same payouts. RTPs are implemented to stipulate the player’s advantage over that of the casino. Games are developed differently with various RTPs to offer players a variety of gaming experiences, all with unique payouts and wins. Games differ in themes, symbols, special features, and bonus games, leaving no room for games to be too similar in payouts and jackpots.

In the event of 2 or more games having the same RTP, it is solely coincidental.

8. There is no house edge.

There is always a house edge, the calculated advantage percentage that the casino has over players. All games have an RTP, Return to Player, percentage calculated over numerous spins, which indicates the potential winnings expected to be made by gamblers over the long haul.

If RTP is set at 96%, the house edge is 4%, meaning for every $100 played, $96 is predicted to be made back by players in the form of winnings, with the casino receiving the remaining $4, guaranteeing a profit in the long run.

9. Online slots are less fair than land-based slot machines.

Both online and land-based slot games make use of random number generator software and RTPs to determine unique and random payouts. Variances and RTPs in all games decide when and how much a game will potentially payout. Online and offline slot games are developed to be as fair as possible for all players by using random number generator software, resulting in all spins being unique and random.

Online slots are operated much like physical slot machines, except that they can be accessed and played anytime, anywhere.

10. Max Bet improves chances of winning progressive jackpots.

Most slot games are accompanied by a maximum bet button that allows for a maximum bet per spin to be activated. The riskier the stake, the greater the reward. However, this is a sure way of depleting a bankroll in no time if not cautious. In some instances, games will have a minimum betting amount required to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot, this information will be disclosed to the player in the paytable.

11. A spin can be altered by using the stop feature.

A Stop button is available in most online slot games, this enables a player to stop the reel from spinning before its scheduled stop. Outcomes of any spin cannot be changed by hitting the Stop button, as every spin has already been set by the random number generated from the second the spin button was activated.


Playing slots has proven that it can be a highly enjoyable way to occupy one’s time with the chance of winning that much-desired jackpot. Players will be profoundly disappointed if they go in with a mindset of hitting the major jackpots based on misconceptions and half-truths. It is important to understand the game before any money is deposited. Players can take more educated and strategic approaches to gameplay with the knowledge gained from paytables and online reviews.

Players cannot alter or anticipate spins. RNGs ensure each spin is entirely random and unaffected by prior spins or wins. In today’s advanced world, players know precisely what they are getting themselves into through casinos, being unambiguous with their information and statistics.


There is no sure way of altering any spin on a game. Spins are randomly generated. For the best odds of winning, choose a game with an acceptable RTP and volatility and a theme best suited for your personal entertainment.

There isn’t the “best time” of day to win in slot games. All games and spins are random and can payout at any time, day, or night.

The main reason for playing slot games is to satisfy entertainment needs with the added bonus of potentially landing a jackpot.

Online slots are not tampered with. The house has a set advantage percentage against the player, which will generate guaranteed profits over time. Spins and wins are completely random and unpredictable. Casinos do not control who, when and how much players win or lose.

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