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Wild Viking Progressive Slot

  • Wild Viking Progressive Slot

    Wild Viking Progressive Slot

Poker and roulette are among the most popular games online today, so Playtech is offering an innovative combination of the two to satisfy the demands of players. This is a progressive table poker game called the Wild Viking jackpot.

Based on the nature of the game, you are allowed to place roulette and poker style bets.

Wild Viking game is designed to be played with one deck of cards, five of which will be dealt at any given time.

This game table has an unusual layout, but it is fairly easy to understand. You will feel quite comfortable playing the Wild Viking if are familiar with the roulette or poker games.

Now, when you are ready place bets, you have to click the appropriate chip as well as the exact location for the bet. The betting options are virtually unlimited. For poker hands, place the bets in the upper right corner for a flush, straight, two of a kind and so on. You will win if the dealer draws the same five cards.

Another option is to place only poker bets or both poker and roulette style bets. When making roulette bets in the Wild Viking jackpot game, you are allowed to place chips on separate cards, on the black or red cards and on a number or suit.

When it comes to placing bets, the wide range of choices helps to make the game even more appealing. It definitely increases the level of excitement and gives players a greater feeling of control.

Jackpot Slot Bonus and Symbols

Best of all, the Wild Viking game offers two types of bets to increase your chances of winning big jackpots online. For the progressive jackpot, you can make an optional side bet which is set for a single credit.

You have to draw a Royal Flush hand to win the big jackpot. This hand will have jokers as the 1st and 5th cards, plus an ace, king, queen, jack or 10 for the three middle cards.

Next, there is the Wild Viking wager that you would place at the bottom section of the betting area. For this bet, you need to draw jokers as the 1st and 5th cards. When this happens, you will also get to take advantage of big win jackpots.

If you are looking for an online game with lots of excitement, the Wild Viking will be the ideal choice. The roulette and poker combination is providing a very enticing table game with multiple betting options for you to benefit from numerous wins.

All of this combines with a massive progressive jackpot and a unique wager feature to give you an amazing game invention. When you are ready for some action, you can play the Wild Viking jackpot game at Playtech online casinos.