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Stravaganza Progressive Slot

  • Stravaganza Progressive Slot

    Stravaganza Progressive Slot

If you are searching for a unique card game that will also give you a chance to take advantage of a huge progressive jackpot, you should consider the Stravaganza Jackpot game.

This is a progressive table style poker jackpot game that you can play at any of the online casinos which uses Playtech software.

How to Play Stravaganza Jackpot Game

Stravaganza online card game, much like the blackjack, is based on point values. It is played with a five deck card and your aim is to get a point total that is much higher than the Dealer.

The face cards are counted as ten, the Aces as one and the numbered cards score as face value. Place your bet within the circle to get started. In this game, the dealer is given 3 cards and players are dealt two up cards.

Now, the game might seem a little bit complicated from this point but you don’t have to worry about a bust because the objective is to collect as much points as you can for big win jackpots.

At this stage, you need to determine whether the next card that you get will have a greater value than the dealers. Remember that the Aces value 1 point each, the Face Cards value 10 each and all the cards have value to match their number.

There are certain scenarios where you will get an option to leave the game. The overall winnings are paid out based on the figures on the pay table.

Like any other card jackpot games, winning the Stravaganza Jackpot will come down to a simple matter of triggering the progressive game. To do this, you need to add one extra credit to bet on the side.

Once you have a hand with three King of hearts, you can get the payout for the progressive jackpot. After activating the jackpot table with a small side bet, you can walk away with the progressive prize as well as four additional payouts.

In addition, you can get some sizable bonus rewards for different hands. As an example, all the face cards will pay out 1.5-1 and three-of-a kind will pay 3-1, all on the amount for your first bet.

If you enjoy the blackjack or poker actions at the online jackpots in Vegas casinos, then this could be the perfect game for you. The good news is that the Stravaganza is less risky than the blackjack because you will not get a bust. Once more, the aim is to collect as many points that you can while playing this game.

Even though it might take some time for you to learn, the Stravaganza Jackpot is a unique and rewarding table game that is worth checking out.