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Safe Cracker Progressive Slot

  • Safe Cracker Progressive Slot

    Safe Cracker Progressive Slot

Safe Cracker Jackpot slot machine is a progressive game with 3 reels, 1 pay line and a bonus game. With an amazing layout and setting, this game is created to look just like one of the real bank safes as the slot reels are wired with all the mechanisms that you would use to open a safe.

The Safe Cracker has a sleek design that is sexier than most of the other jackpot slot machines online. It also features stunning sound effects and graphics that will really make it seems like you are breaking into a bank to rob its loot.

Playing this slot will take you on a wild adventure as you attempt to pull off a clever bank job and leave with the safe, which is the progressive jackpot.

All the Safecracker symbols have designs to match with everything that is needed to rub a bank successfully.

This includes cash, safe tools, a key, drill and dynamite. Just like when you are playing other slots, the aim is to get symbols to line up on the pay line in order to create the right combination for a jackpot win.

Jackpot Slot Bonus and Symbols

Obviously, the winning symbol in the Safe Cracker Jackpot game would be the cash icon. If you collect three of them, you can win the progressive jackpot.

This game is offering many betting options: 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 or 5.00. When you spin the reels and get winning symbol combinations, your payout will depend on the amount that you create. Great combinations will give you bigger payouts.

To win the jackpot, you need to place bets with the maximum amount of 3 coins and get three high ranking dollar bill symbols on the pay line.

There are actually several jackpots slots for you to win, with the progressive jackpot offering the highest payout amount. It will continue to grow bigger as more players try to crack the bank safe. If you win the secondary jackpot you can get 4,000 coins from the safe.

The Safe Cracker Jackpot Bonus Game can be activated with three keys. When you enter the bonus game, there will be 10 safe deposit boxes waiting for you. Of all the boxes, only seven of them contain treasures that will make you rich.

All you have to do is keep clicking the boxes to trigger the alarm system. Bear in mind that the bonus game will end if you hit the incorrect deposit box and set off the alarm.

You should really check out the Safe Cracker Jackpot game if you are in the mood to steal large amounts of cash from a bank vault. Get your gears and start spinning the reels to win a big jackpot!