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Jackpot Darts Progressive Slot

  • Jackpot Darts Progressive Slot

    Jackpot Darts Progressive Slot

Playtech is offering the Jackpot Darts as a new online variation to the original Darts game. This innovative video game version is offering dedicated darts fans a brand-new way to have fun and win money while playing at your favourite online casinos.

Before playing this game, you should know that the underlying concept is to bet when three thrown darts land randomly on the virtual board. What's more, you are allowed to place multiple bets for the locations where you think the darts will land.

Although this game might not be as exciting as when you are throwing darts at the bull's-eye at a local bar with your friends, you are guaranteed to walk away with more money.

Furthermore, it is offering you a fun option to consider if you want a break from poker and slot based games online. So, test the virtual dartboard to see if you get lucky enough to win one of the massive jackpots online!

The dartboard has multiple betting options which include Treble Rings, Double and Single Rings, Bullseye and Outer Bull. On this dartboard, the Single Ring with a Treble and Double for two different areas is the largest or biggest section.

Jackpot Slot Bonus and Symbols

The Jackpot Darts has a regulation board that is similar to the one that you will find at a pub in your local area. In each round, the three darts will be thrown at the board. When playing, place your bets based on the number of darts that would hit certain areas on the scoring zones. The game pays a higher amount for less likely occurring throws.

There are four progressive jackpots in this game. You have the option to choose game prizes or jackpot wins.

Naturally, the bullseye will pay out the highest amount. If you place wagers on the inner bull and three darts land on it, you will win the progressive jackpot.

The second big win jackpots will pay you 980 times the amount of your original bet. Betting on a separate jackpot will give you 20 times the payout amount if the dart lands on the Outer Bull or Bullseye.

When placing bets, you will notice that this game has some wonderful graphics. There are 19 betting options and they are displayed with colourful lights on the dartboard.

The Jackpot Darts is a unique and outstanding online because it is offering a wide variety of betting options and multiple coin sizes to satisfy the needs of players who are looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Since the Jackpot Darts is unique in nature, you will only find it at casinos with niche game offerings. Play this online dartboard game if you want a refreshing change from the norm without missing out on an opportunity to win the progressive jackpot.