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Genie's HI-LO Progressive Slot

  • Genie's HI-LO Progressive Slot

    Genie's HI-LO Progressive Slot

Genie's HI-LO Progressive jackpot game is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to rub a magic lamp and make their dreams come true. The stunning genie host will ensure that you have an enjoyable game while you are trying to win big money from a progressive jackpot.

Genie's Hi-LO is a very easy game that you can play without experience or special skills.

So, this jackpots slots machine is ideal for newcomers or those who are looking for a game that is offering the allure of massive payouts and a relaxing gaming experience.

It is a multi-level game, which means that you are able to win lots of money.

How to Play Genie's HI-LO Progressive

The game is designed to be played with just a single deck of cards. The main objective is to predict the card that would come up next and then make your bets accordingly.

Once this is done, you can click confirm and select your card. All the faces of the card will be shown and you will have four choices from which to make predictions for the next card.

When placing a bet, you have the option to choose whether the next card would be a red or black or of lesser or higher value than the one in hand. The Genie's HI-LO Progressive game will highlight the amount for your potential wins.

After deciding on the card that you want, you should click the button to confirm. A correct guess will take you the next phase of the game. Bear in mind that this will go on until you get to the highest level or make a wrong guess.

When the game ends, your payout amount will correspond with the level that you reach. In the deck of cards, the ace has the lowest value and they will stay in the pile once they appear. Note that the Jokers will allow you to advance automatically to the next level.

Now, let's take a brief look at the progressive jackpot in this game. The Genie's HI-LO jackpot is connected to other casinos which offer progressive games in Playtech's network.

This means that the total can go up to a large sum. Continuous jackpot slot wins are monitored on the left column of the graphic. Placing twelve winning bets one after the other will get you to the top section of the column and allow you to win the full progressive jackpot.

The Genie Hi-Lo is offering top-of-the-line software and a hassle free playing experience, so it is one of the most popular jackpots online.

Try your luck with this game by rubbing the magic lamp to see if you can win lots of money from the genie. Look for Genie Hi-Lo Progressive Jackpot game at Playtech casinos today.