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Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Slot

  • Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Slot

    Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Slot

Have you ever played poker on the standard black jack table? If so, then you will understand how to play the Caribbean Draw Poker Jackpot game because it is a variant of the Five Card Stud Poker.

When you enter this game, you have the option to choose to sit at a private or public table. In any case, you will love the fact that the Caribbean Poker can be played as a normal as well as a progressive jackpot game with a side bet that is optional.

Playing Caribbean Draw Poker Jackpot game(s)

The rules to play this game are straightforward and fun, as your goal would be to beat the poker dealer's hand. Before this can happen, the dealer needs an Ace or King in hand or the real poker hand to qualify.

You have to put an ante bet on the table before the dealer hands out the cards. There is also the option to place a bet to take part in the progressive jackpot, which is most likely your main reason for playing Caribbean Poker.

Before playing starts, the dealer and players are dealt 5 cards. Now the Caribbean Poker Jackpot game will allow you look at one of the cards in the dealer's hand and you already know your own hand, so the aim is to surrender or put up a Challenge bet.

Note that this challenge bet would always be two times the ante, and surrendering will cause you to lose the ante. After that, both you and the dealer can compare the five cards because no more cards will be dealt in the game.

To play for the progressive jackpot wins, you have to place an extra one-chip bonus bet. This bet gives you a chance to win the jackpot even if the dealer is not qualified. Playing the progressive jackpot will give you extra earnings for anything that is higher than a flush.

The flush pay out an additional $50; full house pays $100 and four-of-a-kind pays $500. For even more earnings, a straight flush will give you 10% of the total progressive jackpot and any royal flush pays out the full jackpot.

Just like when you are playing any other casino game, you should always try to lower the casino or house edge. With Caribbean Poker Jackpot game, a good strategy is to play with one pair or maybe higher and fold for anything under AK at all times.

Always try to play the correct ace-king hands to significantly reduce the house edge. Another way to improve your edge would be to only play Caribbean Poker at the casinos with the biggest progressive jackpots.

Online poker games are extremely popular, so it's easy to understand why the Caribbean Draw Poker Jackpot is becoming a crowd favorite. What's more, players are attracted to the poker table because they have a chance to hit the progressive jackpot for a big win.