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Mega Bucks Progressive Slot

  • Mega Bucks Progressive Slot

    Mega Bucks Progressive Slot

MegaBucks Jackpot is associated with a network that is owned and operated by International Game Technology or IGT slot machine Company.

Over the years, Megabucks slots have become extremely popular and many people have won millions of dollars in jackpot prizes. Many casino slot players get really excited whenever the jackpot climbs to megabuck proportions.

This is not surprising because all players have a chance to become instant millionaires.

How Megabucks Jackpots Slots Work

IGT Megabucks is actually a dollar coin slot, so players are required to play with 3 coins to win the jackpot. After every big win, the jackpot prize is reset to a certain amount, which could be as high as $10 million.

The Megabucks slots machines are connected to a network with more than one hundred casinos and one main jackpot that grows from a base amount. IGT owns all the Megabucks machines, while the casinos get a portion of money from each machine wins.

The Megabucks slot jackpots can be played at all the IGT casinos. Some of the casinos offer Megabucks through a different jackpot system with different winners and meters.

However, a jackpot win in one place will not have any effect on the other progressive jackpots. Each Megabucks slot machine comes with a unique random number generator (RNG) and is designed to choose their results.

Even though some people believe that only the professional or high roller players who gamble for long hours are the big winners of Las Vegas jackpot slot machines, but this is not the case.

The regular everyday people who decide to try their luck are also reaping the rewards because every slot player can walk away with huge jackpot winnings.

In addition to the big money wins, the Megabucks slots are linked to an incredible amount of stories and gossip. No other Vegas style gambling machine has been associated with so many stories, myths and urban legends as the MegaBucks Jackpot game.

The same is also true for the winners of the game. In most cases, the stories are related to the tragic fate of winners, so many believe that those who win the multi-million dollar jackpot could end up dead.

So far, none of the stories have been proven to be true, but many still think that the Megabucks game is cursed.

Nevertheless, the MegaBucks slot game is ideal for players who have been dreaming of winning a huge Las Vegas jackpot. Many people are leaving the casinos as big winners after hitting the huge progressive jackpot.

In general, the Megabucks jackpot will start at $7 million dollars and the money would then grow continuously until someone wins the game.