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Bingo Jackpots online

If you are accustomed to playing on some of the largest bingo websites, you will know that you can massive amounts in jackpot prizes.

In general, there are many different kinds of bingo jackpots with varying rules for game play. The information below will help you to understand more about the different types of jackpots available for bingo games.

When playing bingo games online or at the local casinos, you will get a chance to win three main kinds of jackpots. Based on your interest in winning the jackpots and the offerings at the casino, you can choose the games to suit your requirements. Of course, the jackpot amount will differ on the bingo sites but it will be easier for you to follow once you understand the jackpots and the basic concepts of the games.

Progressive jackpot: You will not find this type of jackpot on every bingo website, but most casinos will offer it on several occasions. Many bingo players are attracted to the progressive jackpot game because they are able to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Perhaps one the most unusual situations would be when a player wants to win before the caller draws the thirtieth ball. Generally, contributions will be made to progressive bingo jackpots after every card purchase.

Coverall jackpot: You can only win this bingo jackpot if you are playing the 75 ball game. To win this game, players have to get a certain pattern. When compared to other games, these bingo games are generally played less. However, the games offer significantly higher returns in terms of the jackpot amounts.

In general, three hundred dollars is the allotted amount and this figure will reduce gradually during the game. The good thing is that the jackpot amount can only reduce to a certain limit which is still a lot more than the amount for the regular jackpot game.

Game jackpot: The game jackpot is readily available for any game that you decide to play. The amount for these bingo jackpots are usually determined by the number of tickets sold.

Every bingo site will determine the amount to give players based on their ticket sales because only a small fraction would go into the jackpot. However, the majority often go towards funding the bingo jackpot after all the necessary expenses, site funding and profits are taken out. When this is done, the casino will structure the bingo bonus accordingly.

All in all, you will have a good chance of winning bingo jackpots when playing online because the amount usually grows with each game.