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Progressive Jackpot Slots

When gambling online, the opportunity to win millions from progressives or jackpot slot machines is an amazing part of any gaming experience.

You might think that this is a faraway dream, but it's not. Just look at some of the payouts for the more popular games and you will see that it's possible to win major slots jackpots.

You could invest a small amount of money each time and become one of the lucky players who have walked away with millions of dollars in jackpot winnings.

If you are aiming to win a huge jackpot, then you are at the right place.

If you’ve ever played at an online casino – or simply just looked at one of the popular online gambling websites around today, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have seen what’s known as a “Jackpot Game” offered, or, in other words – a progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Games have grown exponentially in popularity over recent years, as both the number of players at online casinos increases, as well as the technology advancements that allow online casinos and software providers (the companies that provide the games) to enhance the player-experience. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the biggest progressive jackpot games around today – but first, let’s look at what a progressive jackpot actually is – and the different types on offer.

When playing some of the latest video slots online, you have to bet up to 75 times of the amount for the minimum bet to win a lot of money. Since you are hoping to win a big jackpot, you will need enough money to place the maximum bet.

You will have a good chance of winning the biggest jackpot slots if you are always playing with the maximum amount of coins. If the amount in your bankroll is not high enough to cover this type of play on a £5 machine, you can try a 25 pence or £1 machine. However in this case, the jackpot might not payout a lot of money, but you will still get several chances to win.

If you want to try your luck with the biggest machine jackpots which continues to grow, you need to play the most popular and the best progressive slots.

The progressive slots take a portion of the bets and add them up to a growing jackpot prize. Once the bets are placed in the jackpot pool, you can watch the display with the growing jackpot prize.

There’s a few different types of jackpot game, and below, we’ll look at the four most common:

Fixed Jackpots: A fixed jackpot game, is one that features a fixed jackpot – or, that is to say – one that doesn’t change (excluding stake increases). Basically, a fixed jackpot will be specific to an individual machine, and won’t increase in size, or decrease in size. Whenever a player is lucky enough to win it, the jackpot simply resets to its regular amount.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot is one that increases the more players play. For example, some progressive jackpot slots take 1% of each player’s wager, which then contributes towards the main jackpot. Over time – as you can image – these jackpot figures can rapidly increase in size, and while it’s generally common for progressive jackpot games to be “shared” amongst multiple online casinos (allowing the jackpot to increase in size a lot quicker), some online casinos choose to offer a Standalone progressive jackpot, which means that the jackpot is NOT shared with other online casinos – and is, instead, specific to that one casino.

Pooled Progressive Jackpot Games – By far the most common type of progressive jackpot game around today, a pooled progressive jackpot works much like the standalone progressive jackpot, with the difference that it IS shared amongst multiple online casinos. This allows the jackpot amount to rise very quickly, and can make the jackpots worth many hundreds of thousands – and even millions – of pounds lucrative!

Now, particularly in the case of the Pooled Progressive Jackpot games, you’re likely to see a few different jackpots available (often called the minor, mega, and major jackpots – or something to that effect.)

The reason for this, is that software providers and online casinos want players to have a chance to win, without taking down the main, million-pound jackpot – which, after all, isn’t the easiest feat to achieve. By including three (and sometimes four) smaller jackpots, it adds to the excitement, and allows players to have a greater chance of winning, while playing the game.

Popular Progressive Jackpot Games

As is common with online casino games, some progressive jackpot games are more famed and commonly played than others, and some games – Mega Moolah ISIS and Mega Fortune are two games that come to mind – have achieved a cult-like status amongst players, thanks to their highly-lucrative potentially, alongside enjoyable gameplay.

In fact, let’s look at some specific games:

This is one of the newer titles from Netent (and indeed, one of their only progressive jackpot games around), and, based around an Ancient Roman theme, you’ll see lots of mythology-based symbolism present, with flying horses, women wearing a wreath of snakes, and bulls present on the reels.

While also benefiting from a really profitable free-spins feature (although it’s VERY hared to land!), Divine Fortune offers three lucrative progressive jackpot totals, which attract players in the millions to have a go at the game.

Jackpot Amounts: Mega (£41,900), Major (£40), and Minor (£8). – Based on a £0.40 stake.

How To Win The Divine Fortune Jackpot? To win the jackpots, you’ll need to collect three gold coins, during the regular base game-play, or through the free-spins; you’ll then be taken to a new reel-set, where the only symbols present are gold coins. Make one pay line to take down the minor jackpot, make two to win the major jackpot, and three pay lines (a full screen of gold coins) awards the whopping Mega Jackpot!

By far the most famous progressive jackpot slot in history, Mega Moolah is famed for the HUGE jackpot amounts it offers, and regularly makes national news, with broadcasters such as the BBC, the Independent, and the Guardian running pieces of the slot, thanks to the millionaire-status many of its players have enjoyed!

Mega Moolah offers four different jackpots, and these include the Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega jackpots. What’s super-cool about the Mega Jackpot, is that it’s set at a guaranteed £1 Million payout – and while it’s often much, MUCH higher… Microgaming guarantee this minimum so every time you play, you literally stand the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire!

Jackpot Amounts: Mega (£4 Million), Major (£78,009), Minor (£3,888), Mini (£80.)

How To Win The Mega Moolah Jackpot? In order to win, you’ll need to land the bonus-round, during which you can win any of the four progressive jackpot amounts on offer! (You can only win one progressive jackpot per bonus – although that’s not likely to bother you, if you’re just become a millionaire!

That’s two of the most popular progressive jackpot video slot games around today – other ones to keep an eye on include PlayTech’s Jackpot Giant (which offers almost £5 Million in jackpots!), Microgaming’s follow-up to Mega Moolah; Mega Moolah ISIS… as well as some of the Casino Table Game variations, including Caribbean Stud Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold' Em, both of which reward you very well for hitting the lucrative Royal Flush!