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What Is Problem Gambling?


Problem Gambling is the urge or desire to gambling continually, or well-beyond your financial means, despite there being negative consequences arising of doing so.

Problem Gambling doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll look different to any other type of gambler, but in general, your financial or mental situation means it’s unwise for you to gamble, and doing so knowingly puts you at risk.

There are many signs of problem gambling, and thankfully many of these signs are becoming easier to recognize, which makes stopping gambling – before it develops into a problem – easier than before. If you find yourself struggling with any of the below, it’s vital to get help sooner rather than later.

  • Finding yourself having to up the stakes at which you play in order to achieve the same level of enjoyment from gambling.
  • Find yourself feeling restless, frustrated, or irritable when not able to gamble, particularly for financial reasons.
  • Find yourself unable to stop gambling, no matter how many times you’ve tried, or how detrimental it is becoming to your financial and/or emotional state.
  • Find yourself using gambling as a way to block out other things in like, for example, using gambling to calm yourself down after a rough day at work, or school.
  • Find yourself chasing losses after a losing session. (Chasing loses means staking even more money in the hope of winning back what you’ve already lost).
  • Find yourself lying to friends and family about your gambling habits, despite it being a big problem to you.
  • Find your relationships – both personal, and inter-personal breaking down due to your gambling habits.
  • Find yourself taking loans and using credit to fund your gambling addiction, and trying to increase these limits or take or further loans once the initial funds have been used up.

If you find any of the above to be relevant to your situation, there’s a good chance you may be struggling with a gambling addiction, and it’s important to get help now before it becomes and even bigger problem.

If you gamble, there are always tools to help you limit, or stop your gambling, and these are offered by most land-based casinos and all online casino websites.

First of all, you can set deposit limits (online), which limits the amount of money you put into your account for a 24 hour, or weekly period.

You can also opt into a self-exclusion scheme, both in online casinos and land-based casinos, and this is where you ban yourself from entering the gambling establishment for a set amount of time. This is usually a minimum of six months, and can be as long as 5 years, or in some cases, for life.

There are a few websites dedicated to helping problem gamblers get the help they need, and links to these can be found below:


Gamble Aware

Gamblers Anonymous