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Video Poker Pros & Cons

Video Poker is a very easy game to play and understand, and while it’s a game that can take a little bit of getting used to (primarily due to the fact that knowing which cards to hold/not to hold can be confusing), in general, Video Poker is a VERY easy game to play, with regular payouts, and fun, exciting, action-packed gameplay.

That said, as with any game, there are pros and cons of playing, and in this post, I’ll outline what some of the pros and cons are.

First off, Video Poker offers incredibly payout percentages to players, with the house edge on certain games being as low as 0.05%! This is obviously a massive advantage, as it means that you stand a much higher chance of winning money over the long-run.

Another pro of Video Poker, is that it allows you to combine a love of Texas Hold' Em, with Video Slots, and it’s something completely different from anything you’ll lively have played before. It also does away with the face-to-face element of Texas Hold' Em Poker, that many players don’t particularly like. While it can be found, Poker can be intimidating at times, and because of this, Video Poker offers a perfect solution!

One of the major downsides to playing Video Poker, is that – just like Baccarat, and other low-house-edge games – it’s unlikely you’ll win big on a singular hand, like you would perhaps while playing a Video Slot. The payouts (aside from the Royal and Straight flushes) aren’t higher than generally 40:1, meaning you’ll have to aim for the highest-ranking hands in order to win 1,000X+ your stake.

Another con is that Video Poker lacks the excitement of playing a Video Slot. You aren’t greeted with the bells and whistles that accompany the latter, and similarly, there are no bonus, or free-spins rounds to look forward to.

Of course, it’s part and parcel, and because Video Poker offers some of the lowest house edge odds of any casino game, it’s only natural that sacrifices must be made. In fact, personally, I’d recommend Video Poker to ANY player wanting to have extended gambling sessions online, and using optimal playing strategy, it’s possible to decrease the house edge even further, allowing all players a fantastic chance to win big!