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Types Of Craps Games

Unlike many online gambling casino games, Craps is one that doesn’t generally feature many different variations. By Variations, I mean – for example – different ‘takes’ on the game.

For instance, take Blackjack. While you’ll be able to play regular Blackjack, you can also play a huge variety of different types, including Perfect Pairs Blackjack, European Blackjack, American Blackjack, and so on; this isn’t the case with Craps, and you’ll generally only find one main game variation.

That said, there are a few different types of Craps, notably those with differing sidebets, and below, we’ll cover some of the most common sidebets that can be found in some Craps games… but not all.

Some online casinos will allow you to place what’s known as a Fire Bet, and this pays if the shooter manages to make 3 or 4 different points. Of course, this is more prevalent in land-based casinos, where you’ll be rolling the dice yourself, but some online casinos have been known to offer a variation.

This is a rather odd take on the Craps game, and in this game variation, you can’t lose a Pass Bet on the come-out roll, even if a 7 is rolled. Instead, any number that’s rolled becomes the point number, and while it initially might seem like a good bet, it actually increases the house edge, as you’re losing more chance of hitting winning points, while gaining more chance of hitting losing points.

Originally found in the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit, the Golden Dice Challenge is a popular side that pays out according to the number of pass line wins you make, before a 7 comes, and the game comes out. Essentially, the more non-7-rolls there are, the more you win, and payouts start at around even money, and can go up as high as 5,000/1, making this a VERY popular sidebet!

The Sharp Shooter bet, again, like the Golden Dice Challenge, is based on land-based casino sidebets, and pays out the more times in a row you make winning rolls.

If you play a Craps table that uses the Double D bet, you’ll win if you make at least four unique double rolls, before a 7 is rolled. This means you must roll doubles – i.e. 4,4, or 5,5 and while this is quite a high house-edge bet, it can pay BIG when you manage to land it, so it can be worth taking a punt on every now and again.

Now that’s just a small selection of bets on offer, and Craps can offer a multitude of different game variations, so it’s worth taking some time and choosing the most appropriate version available to you!