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Types Of Blackjack Games

With more and more players choosing to enjoy games of Blackjack online, it’s only natural that casinos and software providers would capitalize on this by offering a wide variety of different types of game, and in this post, I’m going to show you some of the most common Blackjack variations and sidebets you’ll find online today.

European Blackjack – This is the most common form of Blackjack you’ll likely find online, and it uses the general rules you’d find across most land-based casinos across Europe. The Dealer must draw to 17, and can’t hit on soft 17. You are allowed to double any two cards, and can split, and re-split, with only one card being dealt when splitting aces.

American Blackjack – Primarily the same as European Blackjack, in American Blackjack, the dealer deals both their cards alongside yours, and checks for Blackjack before the hand begins. In American Blackjack, you are also given the opportunity to surrender your stake, which means you can sacrifice half your stake, in order to end the hand, there and then.

Multi-Hand-Blackjack – As the names suggests, multi-hand-Blackjack allows you to play more than one hand per game, and this usually varies between 3, and 5 hands. You don’t have to play more than one however, and the game uses general European Blackjack rules.

Here, I’ll cover some of the most popular side bets you’re likely to encounter:

Perfect Pairs – One of the most common side bets around today, Perfect Pairs originated in UK land-based casinos pays out if you are dealt two cards of the same value. Two cards of the same value, with different colours pays out at 5:1, two cards of the same value but the same colour pays 10:1, and two cards of the same value and the same suit pays 35:1

Blackjack Double Exposure – Blackjack Double Exposure is a very unique variation of the game, and the dealer will actually expose BOTH his or her cards at the beginning of the game, so you know exactly what strategy you should be playing!

This sounds too good to be true, but the obvious downside is that there are new house-rules involved – If the dealer goes bust on a total of 22, the hand will be a tie, and you’ll get back your wager. Secondly, instead of receiving a 3:2 payout for getting Blackjack, you’ll get even money instead.

Progressive Blackjack – Here, you’ll be required to place a small sidebet – usually £1 – before the hand begins, and if you’re dealt two aces as your first two cards, you’ll usually be paid out at around 5:1.

If these aces are the same colour and/or suit, the payout increases, and if you are dealt two aces of the same suit, with the next two cards drawn from the shoe also the same aces of the same suit, you’ll win the jackpot – often totalling millions of dollars!

That’s only a small selection of the games on offer – there are hundreds more available so be sure to check what’s available today!