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Know When To Stop!

While gambling is meant to be fun and enjoyable, there are times when it can loom out of control and become an addiction, and today, I want to show you 5 signs that it might be time to stop, and have a break.

If you’re finding the need to lie about your gambling, or do it in secret, there’s a good chance it might be time to take a break and stop gambling. I know what it feels like – maybe you feel others won’t understand, or that you can surprise them once you’ve won big… but if you’re hiding your habits from friends and loved ones, it’s a strong sign your gambling is turning more from an enjoyable pastime, into an addiction.

This is one of the most important out of any piece of advice on this page, and I really recommend you take this one seriously.

Can you stop gambling when you want? If you set yourself a stop-loss-limit, once you reach it, are you disciplined enough to walk away? How about if you’re on a winning session, and tell yourself you’ll leave after 10 more hands? If you can’t walk away and end your gambling sessions, it’s a strong indicator you may have a gambling problem, and may need help.

Have you ever gambled when you knew you couldn’t afford it? Have you ever borrowed money to gamble, or gone into your credit cards? If so, there’s a chance you may be suffering from a gambling problem, and you may want to try to take a break, or look for professional help – gambling is no joke, and if you’re struggling financially, yet still finding ways to gamble, there’s a good chance you might have a problem.

Maybe you’ve told your loved ones you gamble… maybe they’ve found out… whatever the reasoning, do your family and friends display worry about your gambling habits?

Do they ever tell you you’re gambling too much, or that you seem different because of it? If so, this is a good sign you’re gambling too much, and you may want to think about cutting down, or quitting.

When you first sit down at a gambling machine or table it’s fun and exciting – but after a while, for most players, it becomes either boring, or naturally a good time to leave. Do you find yourself getting increasingly angry at the dealer or machine if you’re losing?

Do you find yourself saying things under your breathe, or wanting the game to quicken up, when losing? If so, you may have a gambling problem and it could be a good time to take a break before things get completely out of control.

These are just a few things to watch out for – remember, always know when to stop, and if you feel out of control, get professional help – it’s never too late.