How To Play Slots

Video Slots are one of the most popular components of an online casino today, and each and every year, billions of spins are recorded on slot machines around the world, both in online casinos, and land-based casinos.

A Video Slot machine offers players a unique, fast-paced, action-packed gameplay experience, and unlike conventional Casino Table Games like Roulette and Blackjack, they’re able to offer HUGE payouts, sometimes as much as 5,000X the players stake (which typically ranges from €0.50, to €10 per spin).

Types of Slots

1-Line Slots – The oldest form of slots, a one-liner is a game that feature just one pay line. Think a line of cherries… bells… or sevens… these are the machines that you’d typically find in a land-based casino, and while they’re nowhere near as popular in online casinos, they get an honourable mention, primarily thanks to the fact that the one-liner is the first slot game ever created.

3-Line Slots – A slightly most modernised variation on the one-liners, three-line slots are – as the name dictates – games that feature three lines. Again, while not as popular in online casinos as land-based casinos, they too get an honourable mention due to their place in history.

Video Slots – By far the most popular form of online slots today, a Free Video Slot is one that doesn’t use mechanical reels, instead using graphical interfaces to display the outcome of the game. The result of the game is determined by a random-number-generator (RNG for short), and this essentially dictates which symbols land on each reel, ensuring the game is completely random.

Playing Video Slots Games

Thankfully, playing Video Slots is incredibly simple, and there really is nothing to do aside from selecting which stake you wish to wager, and pressing the Spin button.

There are a couple of things to be aware of, the first of which is the AutoPlay function. While this isn’t offered by all online casinos, the AutoPlay function allows you to set a pre-determine number of spins, which the slot game will then play out automatically. This stops you from having to press the spin button manually each time, and can allow you sit back and relax, as the game plays without you!

Slots for Mobile Players

Most Video Slots are now available to enjoy from mobile phone and tablet devices, and almost all types of devices can run Video Slots, provided the games are coded in HTML5, as opposed to Flash.

Flash is an outdated type of programming language, and while it was popular many years ago, security flaws have rendered the technology virtually extinct. While Android devices can run Flash games, almost all Video Slots you’ll find on mobile devices will be HTML5, and this ensures iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows players can enjoy the games hassle-free!

If you choose to play a Video Slot, spend a bit of time checking out the paytable, as this will show you the wins available, and how to enter the bonus-round or free-spins feature, if any. One more thing to remember; be careful of the ‘Max Bet’ button, and this can catch players out by using up a LOT of their balance if they’re not careful!