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Blackjack Pros & Cons

As with any casino game, Blackjack has its advantages, and disadvantages, and one thing that’s important to note, is that there ARE pros and cons of playing – no matter what anyone tells you.

In this guide, I’m going to outline some of the main pros and cons of playing Blackjack, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not the game’s right for you, or not.

First of all, Blackjack is incredibly simple to learn and understand. You don’t have to spend time learning complex game rules, there’s no mathematical formula required (beyond basic strategy), and as long as you can count to 21… you can play!

Blackjack also has a very low house edge, and when played at optimal strategy, it’s actually possible to lower the house edge to around 0.9%. That means, for every £100 you stake on the game, the casino can only expect to make around £0.90!

Now, obviously, that’s dependant over the long-run, and in the short-term – i.e. the average session – this doesn’t really matter.

However, it does mean that you’ll find yourself winning more often as opposed to other games, for example Roulette, and it also gives you the chance to enjoy a casino game experience without depleting yourself of your funds fast!

So we’ve got the positives out the way; now let’s look at some of the downsides of playing Blackjack.

First off, the game isn’t going to make you rich – at least – not in a singular hand. Due to the fact that the house edge is pretty low, you’ll find that payouts – while regular aren’t large, and this can be a turn off to those players who like to enjoy fast-paced, action-packed, high-variance games like European Roulette, and Video Slots.

Secondly, contrary to what you might think, it’s possible to go on long loosing runs while playing Blackjack – it’s not uncommon for the dealer to win 4, or 5 hands in a row, and if you’re playing £10 a hand, with £100 in your casino bankroll, that’s you half-wiped-out in just a couple of minutes!

Another Con – although this only applies to when playing Blackjack in a Live Dealer Casino or in a land-based casino – is that other players can influence the action. For example, when you play online, in a virtual environment, it’s just you VS the dealer.

However, when playing with other players at the table, they can often make stupid decisions that end up costing you the hand, and this can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re on a losing streak.

Overall, Blackjack IS a very exciting game to play, and personally, I would recommend it to gamblers of ANY level, even over the likes or European Roulette and American Roulette – it’s so simple to pick up, it’s fun, and it can give decent wins, if you get one a lucky streak, so check it out today and see for yourself!