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Baccarat Pros & Cons

As with any casino game, there are most definitely pros and cons of playing Baccarat, and while it’s generally cited as being one of the best games to play in a casino, thanks to its low house edge, and decent player-odds, there are some downsides as well.

But… before we look at the downsides, let’s highlight why you should strongly consider playing Baccarat in the first place.

The low house edge. Baccarat features an incredibly low house edge, of around 1%, and this ensures that when you play, you won’t be subject to a high casino win probability, like that of Roulette or Video Slot games.

Easy of play. Baccarat is incredibly easy to play, and it doesn’t require any previous experience – plus, there’s no decision making, so unlike Blackjack, you’re not put on the spot to make tough decisions that can have a direct impact on the outcome of the hand.

The main downside to playing Baccarat is that – because the game has a very low house edge – the payouts are generally a lot less than were you playing Roulette or Video Slot games. That means that, because you’re only being paid at even money, it will take a lot more winning hands to treble your money, than that of Roulette. Of course, this is all relative.

Another downside is that the game is relatively boring to play. Especially prominent in the case of Punto Banco Baccarat (where you don’t make any decisions yourself), there’s little more to the game than pressing deal and awaiting the outcome – that’s why games like Roulette and Blackjack are preferred in certain cases, as they offer players more hands-on gaming, and can be more enjoyable, over the long run.

In my opinion, the pros of Baccarat far outweigh the cons, and indeed, the cons are mainly ‘cosmetic’ – they don’t affect your chances of winning or losing.

Baccarat is well-known in the online gambling world, because it really is one of the best games to play in terms of minimising the house edge, and this ensures that – especially over longer playing sessions – you have a much higher chance of winning, than you would with other games types, like Video Slots and Roulette.

Overall, it can be a bit boring, especially playing hour-long sessions, but if you’re looking for a game to enjoy, that actually gives you GOOD ODDS… then Baccarat is a game you should strongly considering checking out.