Are Slots Addictive?

With online gambling becoming more readily available within the United States of America, it’s clear things are changing, and one thing we’ve noticed, is that more Video Slot players are having problems controlling their gambling habits, particularly when playing online as opposed to in regular convention land-based casinos.

So… Are Slot Machines Addictive?

To Find Out, Let’s Look At What Happens When We Play A Video Slot.

First of all, Video Slot gameplay is fast. Whereas on a Blackjack or Roulette table you may play one hand/spin every couple of minutes, a Video Slot allows you to play every couple of seconds, and this increased game speed doesn’t just affect your balance, it also affects your mental state of mind.

When you have a few wins in a row, your brain becomes wired, expecting this to be the norm, and when these wins stop and you experience long losing streaks, you become frustrated, thus adding to the addictive nature of Video Slot machines.

Another reason why Video Slot machines are so much more addictive than other, conventional forms of gambling, is because they completely take away the human interaction side of gambling, and replace it with a solitary, lonely affair.

While it can be fund for a while, especially when you’re winning, after a while long periods of time without human interaction force your brain to essentially use the gambling machine as a form of ‘friendship’ – I know, it sounds weird, but there have been multiple studies done on the matter, and it’s clear it’s actually much more of a problem than initially thought.

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Another reason why Video Slot machines are so addictive, is because manufacturers strive to make them that way. Colourful lights, loud sounds, and HD graphical interfaces are just a few of the ways that manufacturers manage to entice players to continue playing, and with the ‘tease’ factors found when trying to get bonus-rounds or free-spins, this actually cements the gambling addiction into many of our brains.

Think about it – how many times have you had a tease – say for example where you get 2 scatter symbols, and only need one more to get the feature round – and you shout at the machine, or mutter under your breathe ‘come on, come one’ – I bet it’s quite a lot!

This kind of activity is one of the main reasons why these machines are so insatiably addictive, and if you’re planning on playing a Video Slot, it’s always best to have strict stop-loss-limits in place before playing, so that you don’t lose control and end up gambling away more money than you should.