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Butterfly Classic slot - Free Play - Game Review

Butterfly Classic
Butterfly Classic Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes

Butterflies are commonly known to be one of the most beautiful insects on the planet. So, it would make sense to assume that any online video slot that attaches itself to such a stunning creature would have to be equally as stunning itself.

Well, the brand new Butterfly Classic slot from Zeus Services definitely doesn’t disappoint, and incorporates intricately colourful symbols with a bright and fun outdoor-inspired sky blue theme.

Contrary to a lot of other video slots released by Zeus Services, Butterfly Classic features 3 reels instead of the usual 5. However, this slot still packs a punch and has just the same potential to result in amazing rewards and prizes for its players.

Everything from its cute name to its exciting concept and calming colour-scheme, Butterfly Classic is sure to satisfy the gaming cravings of anyone looking to spend some of their time having fun with an online video slot.

How To Play

Some may assume that, as Butterfly Classic has 3 reels as opposed to 5, the chances of winning big won’t be as exciting or often. However, this is certainly not the case as Butterfly Classic offers numerous bonus elements that are rarely seen in slots featuring 5 reels (carry on reading till the end to find out all about these!).

Getting started with Butterfly Classic couldn’t be simpler. To begin, select how much you want to stake into the game, and choose how many pay lines you wish to activate and exactly what proportion of your stake you want to bet on each one chosen (there’s a maximum of 8 pay lines to choose from).

Then, click the large ‘Play’ button to begin spinning and winning!

Bonus Rounds and In-game Features

Butterfly Classic boasts numerous bonus features and additional advantages that players can look forward to should they choose to play with this slot.

They offer a fabulous 5 free spins to all players at any point during the game, as well as ‘prize multipliers’ that range from x2 to x4. As their name suggests, they will successfully multiply your winnings which, if you win big, can amount to some serious money!

For those who may be too busy to sit through every single reel spin, Butterfly Classic also features a useful ‘Autoplay’ feature. Simple click the Autoplay button at the bottom of your screen, and your computer will do all the work for you!

Simple and reliable, Butterfly Classic is an absolute triumph. If you’re looking for a new slot to try that offers an array of colour and bonuses, this is the slot for you!