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Vampire Killer

Vampire Killer slot - Free Play - Game Review

The Vampire Killer video slot machine game is produced by WorldMatch with a horror theme, thrilling high definition graphics and soundtrack, plus a lot more.

Over the years, many movies, cartoons and books are created based on inspirations from Count Vlad or Count Dracula stories. The Count has returned to the limelight again and is featured as the star of the Vampire Killer slot game.

The story is recreated in very high quality HD graphics and three-dimensional animations which are worthy of video games. It also has a beautiful soundtrack that evokes suspense, empathy, and atmosphere that is typical of a horror setting, all recreated perfectly to leave you breathless.

In addition to that, the music and sound effects will contribute significantly to the fun and increases the overall ratings of the game. You will hear piano sounds, Gregorian chants, laughter from the grave, thunder, and more.

When you are ready to play, you will do so on a canonical grid with fifteen reels and fifteen pay lines. There are special features such as wilds and a bonus game with multiplier to improve your winnings.

Special Features

A Wild symbol is available and it is a Jolly that will replace the other symbols which are missing as always once it is not the Free Games symbol.

You will need the Free Games Symbols to collect up to 10 free spins which comes with multiplier values of 3x to significantly increase your payouts.

Aside from the above, the Vampire Killer slot is also and more importantly the game that is going to take place on the reels exclusively. This is true even though the real bonus theme that is typical in WorldMatch slots is missing.

However, you will not miss the fun as the main phase is made really well with very frenzied and fast gameplay where you can complete many winning combinations.

Play Vampire Killer video slot if you want to experience an atmosphere that is pure fun. It’s best to play the game at nighttime with the speakers to have unforgettable experiences.

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