Red Flag Fleet
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Game Info
Theme: Underwater Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type: Video Slot Bonus Rounds Feature:No
RTP:N/A Reels 5
Progressive:No Paylines:

Red Flag Fleet stands as one of the best new additions from WMS because it’s a pioneer for the company. It is only the second slot machine from WMS to utilise Reel Boost technology.

This new engine is perhaps one of the most advanced slot machine types on the market today and it looks like something entirely new when you play it in its digital version.

The graphics are far crisper and the reels spin effortlessly and smoothly no matter what type of device you may be running the slot machine on.

Many win lines:

Red Flag Fleet has over 192 ways to win over six different reels. This makes Red Flag Fleet more of the standard slot machine when compared to some of the other new WMS six real machines that have shrinking reels and bonuses.

Players need to spend a minimum of .40 coins for their spins but it’s possible to win in the equivalent of £80 on a boosted spin from just this amount. Once you have decided the bet that works best for you the game starts and you are launched into a brand-new world.

The theme:

Red Flag fleet follows the theme of the Chinese Navy in the 1800s where you can match together different ship bonuses, sailor symbols, knots and more. Reaching the bonus game in Red Flag Fleet will help you to unlock bonus spins as well as add extra ship bonus symbols to the reels through the duration of your play.

The more bonus games that you can play, the better chance that you will have to win big and with wilds populated across 2 to 3 of the reels you can really start to see your winnings multiply exponentially quick.

If you have ever wanted to know what it was like to be a sailor in the 1800s or you’re looking for a great nautical theme slot, this is a fun slot to try out with amazing graphics.