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Monopoly Once Around Deluxe slot - Free Play - Game Review

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe
Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Rated 5/5 based on 2 votes

If you have ever played through monopoly with friends or considered becoming a property mogul yourself you will love the Monopoly Once Around Deluxe slot machine game. This title features everything that you might get in a regular Monopoly game only without all of the setup and cutthroat action between friends and family.

The monopoly theme is extremely popular and slot machines and as a result WMS release two different monopoly slots throughout 2015. This is just one of their offerings and is perhaps one of the most fun to play in an online slot because of everything that happens on screen.

This five reel and 3 row 15 pay line slot machine has a town of symbols that you will find in the original game. Whether it's the game pieces or the property symbols you can match up a number of iconic imagery from the classic version of Monopoly all the way up to newer versions of the game as well.

The bonus game:

One of the best bonus games that you will find in this version of the Monopoly slot are the pick your symbol bonus games.

In this animated and interactive game you will be forced to pick some of the board-game's pieces from the game including the boot, the car, the dog and more. Picking the correct symbol in each one of these games could potentially net you a bonus on your stake and good health to see some extra spins which will help you to maximise your bonuses even further.

Many of the same symbols and bonuses still come up from the Monopoly game as well.

You will find scatter bonuses and extra winnings from chance cards, community chest cards as well as uncovering several different railroad symbols or place symbols across the board.

If you love Monopoly games you have to give Monopoly Once Around Deluxe slot machine a chance!