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Lunaris slot - Free Play - Game Review

Lunaris Rated 5/5 based on 2 votes

WMS gaming officially launched the Lunaris slot machine this year featuring a new wheel bonus feature which has become extremely popular.

This slot machine features a scene that's inspired by Lunaris moths and the beautiful imagery that is present throughout the game is bound to be a feast for the senses for many different types of players.

Lunaris actually comes from the Latin meaning for Crescent and the crescent moon shape is found in the moths that are involved in the theme for this slot machine. As well as the moths like symbols players can enjoy looking at a backdrop of a moonlit forest as well as many other beautiful shapes are at the reels including flowers, star constellations, diamonds and card faces.

The huge winning combos:

One of the strongest arguments to play this WMS slot are for the massive number of reels available and the huge amount of pay lines in this slot. With over 100 different pay lines found across two different sets of reels you can see many different unique combinations for winnings as well as a high payout on these different combinations as well.

With Sony lines however low rollers might get a little bit scared to play. The good news however is that you can still get access to the huge winning combinations spinning for the lowest £.50 per roll up to £25 per spin.

Mystery bonus:

One of the most interesting parts of Lunaris is that it has a mystery bonus as well. When a specific moth appears on the first reel, third reel or fifth reel you can see butterflies fly across every one of the adjoining reels to uncover new bonuses and to help you match up all of the maximum bonus symbols.

It is this wild mystery bonus that can help you see huge winnings and help you form winning combinations out of nearly losing spins.