Gems Gems Gems
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Game Info
Theme: Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type: Video Slot Bonus Rounds Feature:No
RTP:N/A Reels 5
Progressive:No Paylines:

Gems gems gems is a premier luxury themed slot machine with a unique reel design. If you want a new concept with big multipliers, this could be the slot for you.

WMS now has a multiway super pace lot called Gems Gems Gems. This slot machine game features just for reals on screen but with a multiway three smaller reals across the left side of the screen.

This effect actually creates a 20 reels slot machine that is far more active and interesting than a traditional five real or seven reel slot machine.

Each of these 20 reals utilises an astounding 20 pay lines meaning that your chances to win on a traditional slot machine are basically quadrupled just by playing this game.

The theme:

As well as offering a game type design that’s absolutely crazy, the theme of this slot machine is relatively simple. While other slot machines have complex cartoon themes or even movie themes, this slot machine features the idea that it’s okay to simply match up different coloured gems.

If you love jewellery and the game Bejewelled you will quickly adapt to this slot machine. The beautifully coloured gems really popped out from the dark red reels and as they spin through the reels they look absolutely spectacular.

With a huge selection of colours as well as two different wild symbols on the board the chances to win are big and the luxurious jewels will keep you astounded and so will of the calming sound effects.

Huge Multipliers for everyone:

The multipliers available on Gems Gems Gems are great and extremely easy to trigger. You can activate free spins on any one of the reels helping you to unlock 10 free spins at once as well as three times multipliers across each one of the reels.

The chance for a 12 times multiplier comes up often and is multipliers continue to be awarded free spins your winnings can be maximised quickly.