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Fire Queen slot - Free Play - Game Review

Fire Queen
Fire Queen Rated 4/5 based on 5 votes

Fire Queen started out as an extremely popular land-based slot machine known for its favourable odds and for the software that was built on the digital platform.

You will find shortly after loading up Fire queen for the first time just why this has become one of the leading slot machines in the world. With top competitors like Spartacus, Kiss Slot and Giants gold that share the same layout Fire Queen still stands as the most spectacular of the mall because of its insane gameplay and even better prizes.

What makes it so special:

Part of what makes Fire Queen so special is the truly spectacular layout. The board overall is split into two different squares of icons joined by six rows across three reels.

Although it's a typical five reel slot machine it feels like something completely unique in a genre that has been dominated by a variety of other classic games. Each of the reels works extremely well together to produce a various number of wilds.

Wilds will also transfer across each one of the reels after they lock in expanding to new winnings and into even more lucrative jackpot styles. It's possible for players to start winning on spins at up to two times their bet and beyond.

The winnings:

The winnings in Fire Queen are absolutely spectacular it's possible that through the multipliers and with the various Wilds transferring across the board you could win thousands of times your bet on a random spin. These lucrative multipliers are often added as the Wilds move across the board and with 100 different pay lines the multipliers come up very often.

If you are looking for a very lucrative, unique and action-packed five reel slot machine, Fire Queen is an absolute classic and it's easy to understand why this popular land-based game has become just as popular for digital casinos.