Crime Pays
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Game Info
Theme: Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type: Video Slot Bonus Rounds Feature:No
RTP:N/A Reels 5
Progressive:No Paylines:

Crime pays is a five-reel 50 pay line slot that offers players the chance to actually become a villain. In this game, players are heavily encouraged to join a criminal gang and to become a part of the gang lifestyle.

This slide features a variety of different high-quality graphics as well as the ability to be played in many different languages. This means that Crime Pays from WMS is often found through a huge number of international casinos.

Its finally okay to break the law:

Although it can take a little bit of adjustment you can get used to breaking the law with this slot machine.

With a relatively high payback threshold as well as compatibility across Windows devices the story of this crime-themed slot is all about a former cop who decides to search through the mob to investigate a murder case.

From the perspective of a gangster who actually performed the murder, you have to work to make sure that you can pocket the jackpot of money while alluding law enforcement. This unique concept actually allows players to see from the perspective of a criminal for once.

All encompassing theme:

As well as offering an extremely unique story many of the theme options in Crime pays are all about stacks of cash, detective badges, diamonds, guns and dangerous symbols. With this theme, all of the thrills are heavily complemented by a number of different ominous sound effects, sirens, deep music and more.

You really will start to feel as though you have landed on the wrong episode of a crime drama and as the criminal.

If you are in the mood for an excellent crime-themed slot where you can actually play the bad guy for once, crime pays could be exactly the type of casino experience that you are looking for.