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Mega Ball Progressive Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Mega Ball Progressive

Mega Ball Progressive slot - Free Play - Game Review

Mega Ball Progressive slot game is actually eight in one package and each one is played with a different betting strategy. You have the option to play a single betting strategy or as much as ten at a time. Read on…

With no reels, pay lines, special features or symbols, the Mega Ball game is not offering the regular experience that you would expect from a high-end Playtech slot.

However, the game makes up for what it might lacks in special features, audio and graphics in the rich payouts and betting opportunities. Every sixty seconds six numbered balls will pop up on screen in different colours. Your aim is to predict the correct results of every round by betting on multiple combinations.

If you are having difficulties choosing a game to play at an online casino, Mega Ball Progressive might be perfect for you.

In this fantastic Mega Ball Progressive game, each of the eight options has it's a unique betting system. It is up to you to decide on the number of games to play with each spin.

The gameplay is very simple, as the Mega Ball machines are designed to draw 6 different balls for every game and the player decide on the bet amount for each one.

You are allowed to bet on the balls colour, the third ball's number, the numbers that will appear in the first 3 balls or maybe the last or first. The decision is entirely yours and it is possible to get any combination.

To add more excitement to the game, you can bet against the clock as well. You are given one minute to bet before the balls are drawn, so you have to make a decision quickly.

You will find a table on the screen at bottom and this will show exactly what you are placing bets on and you are able to change or delete them during play. This game is also linked to a progressive jackpot that will give you a chance to win lots of money.

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