Battle of the Gods
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Game Info
Theme: Ancient Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type: Video Slot Bonus Rounds Feature:No
RTP:N/A Reels 5
Progressive:No Paylines:

Playetech is a software gaming company which has many different slot machines that players can pick from that also offers the experience of classic casinos. Battle of Gods slot game is one the many produced by Playtech which features a serious graphical theme based on Greek mythology.

This game has a total of five reels and each one of the reels has three symbols. There are twenty-five pay-lines in this slot machine.

There is a bonus feature in this game called the X-feature. This feature is usually activated whenever the player is successful in landing the gods symbols on the reel numbers 2, 3 and 4. It is important that the symbols form the pattern of ‘X’. If this so happens, everything that the player has won will be multiplied by five.

Another one of the bonus features in the game is called Free Games. In this feature, the player should be able to land at least three of the Olympia Temple symbols on the reels and the players will get free spins and there are also chances that the wins of the players be multiplied by two.

Another amazing feature of this game is the Titans Mode. To trigger this one, players must get the god extra wild symbol on the reels. Once it is done, the player is retrieved back to the gods’ mode and will be awarded a few free spins.

These two modes will provide several opportunities that will keep the player swapping from one to the other giving endless opportunities to snatch some good amount of free spins. This cycle only expires once there are no free spins left on the Titans Mode.

There are several other chances where the players will be provided with wilds which will award the players with free spins as well as give them chances to multiply their won points, all depend on the performance of the player himself and how smartly he plays.

Battles of Gods is an interesting slot machine game with an entertaining theme and full of chances that let the players win as many points as they possibly can while enjoying the Greek myth sprawled all over their screens.