8 Ball
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Game Info
Theme: Free Spins Feature:No
Slot Type: Video Slot Bonus Rounds Feature:No
RTP:N/A Reels 5
Progressive:No Paylines:

8-Ball Slots is a very popular game that is played across the world. If you are looking for tips to master this pool game, you can find some useful ones below.

This game is played with fifteen object balls (with numbering from 1 to 15) and a cue ball. One player will pocket the solid colour balls, 1 to 7, while the other will pocket the stripes, 9 to 15. You can win if you are able to pocket the balls in either group before the other player.

In order to start the game, a player must smash the balls apart to get an open break. If you pocket a ball on the break, your turn will continue. If not, the other player will start their turn.

It is important to mention that it is a good idea to practice the racking of the balls. You would rack the balls inside a triangle that is at the end of the table. The 8-ball must be placed in the middle of the triangle.

It’s best to start with an open table, regardless of what is pocketed. You should make a call for the shot following the break; even if three solids are pocketed without a stripe ball, to ensure solids.

After determining a set, you would play clean by hitting one of the object balls first on the subsequent stroke.

Your opponent will score ball-in-hand if you fail to strike your own set first or if you strike a clean one that is followed by a failure to get at least one of the ball in a pocket.

Please note that ball-in-hand will be awarded after any cue scratch. This ball-in-hand is created for speed play and object balls which stay down after they are pocketed illegally. A player can basically take their turn and push the opponent’s ball into a pocket.

Lastly, you would lose the game if the 8-ball goes into the wrong pocket or on a stroke before you clear a set. There are additional resources available if you want to learn more about the 8 Ball game.