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Lizard Disco slot - Free Play - Game Review

Lizard Disco
Lizard Disco Rated 4/5 based on 1 votes

Lizard Disco is an online slot machine invented by Playpearls which is a gaming software company.

Lizard Disco is a fun-filled slot game, it is filled with whacky looking characters where these cartoonish characters are partying to win the player the winnings of their life. This game has five reels and each of the reels feature three symbols on it. Total number of pay lines offered in this game is twenty-five.

The theme of this game maybe Lizards and a disco party, but has many other cartoonish reptilian and alien characters in this game. All the symbols are thematic, which include a green happy monster, a blue elephant monster, a pink toothy monster, a confused red devil, a grinning devil, a green lizard, a pink alien, a bat, seven-eyed monster, and a blue blob monster.

The highest paying symbol is the green monster, it pays five points. The lowest is the grinning devil, it only pays .5 points.

One of the many amazing features of this game is the free spin symbols feature which means that the players must land the scatter symbols the reels in order to earn different amounts of free spins which are further going to lead them to win further coins through this slot. The free spin symbol is the seven-eyed monster.

Another feature which is worth mentioning is the fact that there are wild symbols which also allow the players to score highly in the game. The wild symbol is the open mouthed monster. The theme has an ordinary name but the offers are not and players can definitely win a lot if they play with an open mind.

Playpearls has made the accessible to players who like to play through their portable devices as well so anyone can enjoy the game anywhere anytime they wish to.

Another great thing about this slot is that it is made to provide an easy experience to players so they don’t find themselves fussing over little graphical glitches later in the game.

The game is also set on auto-play so players don’t have to wait for the games to start and they can enjoy one after another without having to waste any of their time.