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Kaffe Bar-Bar-Bar'en slot - Free Play - Game Review

Kaffe Bar-Bar-Bar'en
Kaffe Bar-Bar-Bar'en Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes

Kaffe Bar-Bar-Bar'en is a classic slot from Play 'n Go, and while it’s not one of their most popular releases to date, it’s a game that you’ll do well to check out, thanks to the interesting gameplay, exciting game-dynamics, and more, that can be found within the slot.

Now, if you look at the slot, you’ll see that there’s only 5 paylines; this is simply down to the fact that it’s a classic slot, and the features and bonuses is limited too; that being said, the win-potential is pretty substantial, so there’s always something good to aim for!

The symbols within the game include various types of “Bar” symbol, along with a married couple holding arms, and a cup of money.

OK, so it all sounds a bit weird – and admittedly, this game appears to have been designed for the German markets more than anything else, as players residing in other countries and licensing jurisdictions may struggle to find online casinos that actually offer the game.

Graphically, Kaffe Bar-Bar-Bar'en offers quite a unique experience, and while it’s not quite on par with some of Play 'n Go’s most recent slots, it’s worth pointing out that the game does feature in HTML5, which means that you can enjoy the action from your mobile devices.

There’s no software to download or install, and to begin playing, you simply need to open up the game from your mobile phones, smart tablet devices, and phablet devices, and tilt into landscape mode.

The game will then automatically re-size perfectly, ensuring that you can enjoy a high-quality, state-of-the-art gaming experience no matter where you are.

Unfortunately, Play 'n Go have opted to keep Kaffe Bar-Bar-Bar'en as simple as possible, and as such, there’s no bonus-round or free-spins feature to be found. Still that doesn’t mean that the game isn’t enjoyable – and matching 3-of-a-kind of the top-paying symbols can still result in pretty large wins, so don’t write it off too quickly!

While it would be nice to see a little more from Play 'n Go in terms of the features offered, it’s worth pointing out that the volatility of the game is high, so this means you won’t see wins all that often.

When the wins do come, however, they’re typically quite a lot bigger than were you playing one of the game developers other titles – and added all up, this makes for quite the gaming experience.

Pros: The win-potential is surprisingly high, with the top-symbol paying a whopping 1,000X for making just a 3-of-a-kind combination.

Cons: The lack of a free-spins or bonus-round will be a turn off for some players, so just bear this in mind if that’s what you’re looking for in a slot.