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Monte Carlo slot - Free Play - Game Review

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes

Monte Carlo, a classic one-line video slot from Pariplay, is an old-school designed slot that’s breaking through in 2016.

This highly-animated fixed-odds game is designed to look like a slot machine, and what’s really interesting about this game, is that Pariplay boldly state that one in every three spins will be a winner – a VERY bold claim indeed.

The jackpot can range as high as 10,000 coins depending on what stake you’re playing, and you’ll see a pay table above the reels so you know exactly what symbols you want to be aiming for on each spin!

In terms of the symbols available, you’ll see 7s, horseshoes, watermelons, 4-leafed-clovers, Strawberries, and cherries.

It’s worth noting that just a singular cherry will actually give you a win, while two also does the same.

The seven symbols are the jackpot, and if you manage to match 3 of these on the reel, you’ll win either 1,000X, 2,000X, or 10,000X depending on what stake you’re playing!

How To Play

Playing Monte Carlo is fairly simple, and there’s four main buttons you’ll want to be aware of.

The first is the “bet level” button, and this chooses the bet level.

There’s then the coin value button, which determines the value of the coin; they both pretty much do the same as one another, but they allow you to enjoy a customised experience for extra flexibility over your stake!

On the right of the Coin Value button, you’ll see a “Bet Max” button, which automatically stakes the maximum bet possible with the current bet level and coin value. Useful if you want to get going quick, you will want to be careful not to press this button by accident however, is it can cause you to stake a bit more than you meant to!

Finally, on the right of this button, there is the “Spin” button, which, as you can imagine, begins to spin the reels!

That’s all there is to it!

Bonus Round & Features

There isn’t a bonus round within Monte Carlo, and instead, you’ll be aiming for the large jackpot amount, landed by matching three of the “seven” symbols in a row.

While the lack of bonus round can be a turn-off to some players, it really doesn’t matter too much, and you’ll be in with a great chance of winning on each spin, so make sure to check it out today!