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Hallow Win slot - Free Play - Game Review

Hallow Win
Hallow Win Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes

Hallow Win is a Halloween-themed video slot from Pariplay, with a strong resemblance around the eerie and spooky side of Halloween.

The game layout is fairly simple, with just 3 reels, and 3 rows – there’s also only 3 pay-lines; one pre row.

The board is designed beautifully to emulate the Halloween time of year, and you’ll see a night-sky backdrop, with a black cat at the forefront of the board. The spin button (and bet adjusting buttons) take the form of pumpkins, and your stake and total bet size is displayed on eerie grave-yard looking wooden boards.

There’s also a symbol scale on the right hand side of the screen that shows you your wins for each reel, if you’re lucky enough to win on more than one!

What’s great about Hallow Win, is that it features a whopping jackpot of £100,000! This is winnable when playing the maximum stake of £10 – if you play other stakes, the amount is lessened, for example, a £1 stake returns a jackpot of £10,000; an amount most players won’t complain about!

How To Play

Playing Hallow Win is simple, and all you need to do is click the pumpkin symbols until you’ve reached a stake you’re happy with!

Once you are happy with your stake, just press the “Spin” button, and the reels will spin one by one, allowing you to watch in a relaxing mode while you see whether you win or not!

Bonus Rounds And In-Game Features

Unfortunately, you won’t find a bonus feature or free spins round within Hallow Win, but the large jackpot more than makes up for this poor lack of features.

Now if you’re worried that you’re never going to win the jackpot, then don’t worry; there’s also a ton of high-paying symbols on the reels that pay out good amounts fairly regularly, and these include a Dracula symbol, a ghost, a flying “bat” candy cane, a bat, as well as a simple “7” symbol.

Beware: There’s a very strange, loud (and weirdly realistic) spooky voice that players out of your speaker while playing Hallow Win, and it’s known to take many players by surprise! (Just look at forum reviews of the game!).

Prepare yourself for this strange cackle, and ready yourself to transport yourself into Dracula’s world, where ANYTHING goes!

Hallow Win gets a strong 8/10, with marks lost purely for the fact it doesn’t feature a bonus or free spins round.