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Ancient Riches Cash Drop slot - Free Play - Game Review

Ancient Riches Cash Drop
Ancient Riches Cash Drop Rated 4.5/5 based on 2 votes

Ancient Riches Cash Drop game resembles a slot, except that it has no spinning reels.

It is a new type of game where players wager on the outcome of eighteen spinning squares with each containing one of nine icons in one of three colours.

When you decide to play Ancient Riches Cash Drop video slot machine, you would get started after choosing a bet size for all the 40 fixed pay-lines. The 21 game symbols will rotate and stop eventually.

You would qualify to get a payout if three or more consecutive and matching symbols appear on a win line from left to right. Another payout will be given when five square colours match on a win line from left to right to cause a ‘Reaction’.

Reactors: When you have five or more colored squares matching and appearing consecutively on an active line from left to right, a reaction will occur.

The squares react (go away) and new ones will drop into the spaces with brand-new symbols/color combinations which might qualify you for additional payouts.

Every reaction pays out 2X the stake. You can have multiple reactions at the same time. It is also possible to have the same square in more than one reaction.

Multiplier win line: The win line multiplier will go up by 1 and the cash pot will accumulate after a reaction. All symbol wins inside the draw section after the squares are replaced in a reaction will pay x2. You would also get x2 for previous wins which are not caused by the reactions.

If you have more reactions after the symbols are replaced, the squares in the reactions will be replaced and once again the win line multiplier will increase by 1. The subsequent wins will pay 3X and so on.

When you play Ancient Riches Cash Drop video slot machine there is really no limit to the amount of wins that you could get from one round. Three or more of the Pyramid icons will qualify you for a progressive jackpot. Five Pyramids will award the Maxi, four would give the Midi and three gives the Mini jackpot.