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Royal Towers slot - Free Play - Game Review

Royal Towers
Royal Towers Rated 4.5/5 based on 2 votes

In this exciting 10-reel video slot game, it’s your turn to become King of the Castle, as you take on the position of a Knight back in the Middle Ages!

Ok… so you’re not actually going to be king of the Castle… because let’s face it; a Knight isn’t quite a King…

But that said, Royal Towers offers you the unique chance to game inside an environment that’s both exciting AND enjoyable, and you’ll find yourself crusading to (hopefully) big riches and near-unlimited enjoyment thanks to the many bonus rounds on offer!

How To Play

Royal Towers works like any other online slot, and shares a very similar layout to Classic-Casino slots. Think Pharos’s Fortune… Eye of Horus etc. – the layout is near identical, and as such, you simply select your stake on the lower right hand side of the screen, and press spin! It’s simple!

(There IS an auto play function thankfully, which is a BIG time-saver when spinning for a while!)

The main attraction within Royal Towers is the Magic Sword bonus round, which can be triggered at any point during gameplay.

There’s also a Shield Bonus round, which act like a sort of “Pick Me” type feature, and with regular wild symbols finding their way onto the reels, as well as a unique gamble function, playing Royal Towers, you’re very unlikely to ever get bored or fed-up with the game!

In fact, many players report the features actually land quite regularly… even though they pay well!

This is a BIG surprise, as usually you can only have one or the other – you either have a feature or bonus round that never triggers, but pays well… or one that comes out all the name, but rarely pays well…

To find a slot that does BOTH… is… well…

Worthy of that of a Knight player only!

Start playing Royal Towers right away, and see for yourself why this exciting, fast-paced, and enjoyable video slot is fast becoming one of the most popular in Octavian’s small (yet powerful) video slot range!