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Sparks slot - Free Play - Game Review

Sparks Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes

We all come across dreadful sad days when we just need something colourful to light ourselves up, whether it’s a good meal, a good game or maybe just some music.

Especially when you’re napping away those long spring and summer days, what to do what to do… And BOOM! This is where NetEnt strikes and brings you one of the most energetic and volatile games of all times that is Sparks Slot.

People have been known to spend on hours end on this wonderful piece of art that the developers put so much time and effort in.

Sparks slot consists of 5 reels with 3 rows, and a total of 20 paylines. NetEnt is known to come up with colourful and interesting games, coming up with brilliant features that keep the fans hooked.

Now the symbols maybe worth twice the amount but your chances of winning are just as twice as well. It also introduces Win One Way and Win Both Ways, both modes featuring different abilities to keep the players intrigued and fun at the same time.

The cloning wilds has subtly put the definition of wild in the game, when the symbols are cloned to the adjacent symbols, increasing your chances of winning. Perhaps NetEnt was smart to release similar games with new and more advanced features.

It resembles a lot to the Glow version they released but then again it highly depends on what the followers are expecting of them and what they wish to see in the future.

NetEnt introduced neon lights and effects with electrically charged symbols. The RTP is 96 percent with auto play and free spins. RTP is a big one for those who are addicted to playing online. Many fans were disappointed to see that there were no bonus games but the two different mods make up for that.

Something admirable about them is the fact that they keep the base game same across the platforms but the features keep getting advanced and more fun to play. Definitely making the game far more addictive than it ever was.