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Postcards slot game

Postcards Slot Game Review

Postcards scratch card is cool multi-line game that NeoGames has created with main characters being represented by luxurious destinations.

Made with international traveling as the main theme and a main screen with postcards and the world globe at center stage, this game will take you on exciting journey to explore many different places. Find out more below.

This demo game has a pretty cool design with great looking pictures to represent the different cities.

The online scratch cards themselves will offer a level of interactivity that is somewhat unusual

Besides, NeoGames has added some music through the game, which you might or might not find annoying during play

Play the Postcards Scratch Card Game

If you want to play this two-phase world traveling scratchy game, you need to decide on your wager and the number of play lines. After that, you have to option to select a famous city or allow the game to pick one randomly.

Now, once the city is chosen the game will get started. When playing, you should aim to try and locate the postcard to match your chosen city.

You would scratch one of the post cards on each paid line to determine if your city is present. You are able to pick a different city between rounds at any time or play random cities which change during play after each round.

It is possible to play with as much as three pay lines which consist of a potential prize and three postcards. One out of the three postcards will match the city that is presented in the background.

The losing postcards will represent other cities in the world. This game is giving you a single chance to find the matching postcard and correct matches will give you the prize that is displayed.

You can earn the prize award on the right side of the postcards of up to 10,000x your wager if your chosen city shows up on a paid line after the first scratching.

Postcards scratch game will take you around the world to visit fifteen famous cities. It is ideal for anyone who is a keen traveler!