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Esmeralda slot game

Esmeralda Slot Game Review

Esmeralda scratch card game is pretty unique, It is offering lots of enjoyment with a good combination of magic and chance.

Scratch cards are developing more today and these types are very appealing to players all over.

After all, there is no way to tell which scratch cards will be paired with each other but you can use your intuitive skills to get those matches to show up on the screen.

Many people really love what seem to be the new style of scratch games, especially with the way how they allow the blending of luck and skills.

The features in the Esmeralda game give it a magical air as they offer great graphics which include a flying witch, excellent prizes, exciting gameplay, instant results and more.

What to Expect When Playing Esmeralda Scratch Game

If you want to try your luck with this scratch game, you should opt for the free version initially. After getting a good hang of the game, you can play for real. You will find that it is very easy to earn some great prizes, which is a good thing if you are accustomed to playing the online pokies.

As mentioned before, the Esmeralda scratch cards fuse magic and skill together to offer more excitement.

In gameplay, you will get two rows of scratch cards with each having eight cards. After that, you would create pairs with a card on one of the rows joining with one in the opposite row.

You would get 8 matching pairs in total. You have the option to decide the number of pairs to play with before placing your bets. Once you do this, you can decide which cards to scratch off.

When you have the same colors in the scratch cards this will give you a win. You will get the results really fast, so you don’t have to wait long to see your winnings.

Overall, the Esmeralda scratch card is a great game to play. You could become a seasoned player even after one try. You should search online right now to find one of the casinos with this game.