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Jurassic Park slot - Free Play - Game Review

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park Rated 4/5 based on 22 votes

Get ready to get the unparalleled experience of this Jurassic Slot Machine which is inspired by the iconic movie The Jurassic Park. All slot lovers be ready and get tough to bear the dangerous and exciting game.

Launched by Microgaming the alluring graphics and the amazing audio effects hold the player’s attention. The high point of the movie is the new centre stage which immediately grabs the nerves of the players. This main feature is best for the community styled bonus feature attached to the game.

The sleek party theme and the visuals make the game irresistible to the slot lovers. The all new Group play bonus feature adds the game to the super hit category of the slot machine games. As soon as you start playing the game the first thing that appears is a well shot video intro and amazing snippets from the movie.

The game has 3 bonus features apart from this remarkable bonus of group play. For viewing the classic centre stage screen the group play feature the best one available. To avail this bonus of group play all you need to do is cross the amusement park which is full of cloned dinosaurs and you need to do it real fast.

You should be able to escape the park before the dinosaurs actually catch you and hold your vehicle. Each of the players will have to decide a path for them to escape safely without being caught by the dinosaurs. Choosing the correct option will pay you highest bonus.

With 243 ways of being rewarded bonuses are the highest paying and the most lucrative. The traditional wild and multipliers are also present which multiplex your earnings. There is an attractive T- Rex alert game present on top of stand bonus rounds which can reward you in a big way.

The essence of the movie Jurassic park is re generated through this slot machine game. Players will get goose bumps while playing the game. The perfect blend of thrill and rewards makes the game perfect for the players.

After the sensational movie the Jurassic park it’s the turn to experience the same thrill and rip roaring feel with the all new game of Jurassic park. With hair raising graphics and gripping audio effects the Jurassic park slot machine gives an extremely electrifying feel to the game.

Powered by Microgaming the game has scraps and shreds from the movie giving you the same feeling of a terrifying experience which is much required in the bonus part of the game. The game has 3 bonus features plus a one of its own kind group play bonus.

Players will have a highly pleasurable experience after choosing the Jurassic Park Slot.